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Low Carbon Sector Mapping - London

What our client wanted

The company was commissioned by the London Borough of Lambeth Council to undertake a comprehensive mapping study of the low carbon sector across the borough. The study was to provide the local Enterprise Board with a detailed understanding of the size and scope of the sector and increase communication with the business base. The study was required to provide baseline information which could help to develop the council’s support for the sector, which in turn would stimulate demand for low carbon goods and services.

What we did

Our approach was grounded in tried and tested methods deployed in other sector mapping studies. The study began with a scoping exercise to define the low carbon sector, which is not well defined using official business classifications, and establish a best-fit definition.

An initial short business survey was undertaken by telephone with more than 200 businesses across 23 sub-sectors of the low carbon environmental goods and services sector. The survey gathered a wealth of information on business activities within the low carbon sector, including from businesses that did not immediately recognise themselves as working within, or supplying to the sector. Inclusion/exclusion criteria were then applied and more detailed survey work carried out with 100 businesses within the sector. This was designed to add further insight to the initial information gathered on sector profile and characteristics. Key lines of enquiry for the detailed survey included:

  • Expansion and diversification plans;
  • Growth markets and new opportunities;
  • Business to business collaboration;
  • Skills shortages and recruitment plans;
  • Supply chain issues and opportunities.

We developed a comprehensive local authority directory of businesses working in the low carbon environmental goods and services sector. Our findings were verified through workshops with officers, stakeholders and businesses. Our final research report identified the strengths and weaknesses of the sector and locally significant sub-sectors. We presented GIS mapping of the sector across the borough to identify spatial sub-sector specialisms.

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What difference we made

Our report and associated business database provided the local authority with a strong understanding of the scale of the sector and its contribution to local jobs and GVA. The study facilitated a dialogue with the business base and highlighted the support requirements which would allow the sector to access further opportunities in low carbon markets.

What our client said

“ekosgen was commissioned by Lambeth Council to carry a mapping exercise and analysis of the Low Carbon Economy, including the waste and recycling sector in Lambeth. Their initial proposal was strong in terms of cost and quality and showed a good understanding of how to map the low carbon economy based on previous experience. They carried out all the tasks stipulated within the tender document and the report was completed to a high standard. The project was completed on time and contained a good balance between statistical analysis and well thought out recommendations.”
Jeremy Keates, Enterprise Officer
Lambeth Borough Council

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