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Skills Development ScotlandSkills Development Scotland – Evaluation of the Certificate of Work Readiness

ekosgen is currently undertaking a one year formative evaluation of the Certificate of Work Readiness for Skills Development Scotland (SDS), a fully accredited youth employability award at Stage 3 of the Strategic Skills Pipeline. The study aims to explore the trainee’s future plans and motivations for participation as well as the effectiveness of the design and delivery of the award, which includes a combination of classroom completed units and a 190 hour work placement.

This evaluation has been run over two phases, with Phase One involving over 20 focus groups with trainers and trainees at training centres across Scotland, as well as a telephone survey of completers and early leavers of the new associated qualification, an online survey of 85 training providers, and a telephone survey of employers hosting the young people. Phase Two has involved consultation with wider stakeholders and CIAG staff, as well as analysis of the monitoring database. The Final Report will be published by SDS in June 2015.